CaseDAVA Creative Display

Creative Display

  • Led spherical screen

    Led spherical screen

    Shenzhen DAVA creative modeling screen, 360° no dead angle, all-round viewing, smooth screen, seamless stitching ...
  • 3D/VR/AR/Interactive LED display project

    3D/VR/AR/Interactive LED display project

    Project Name: 3D/VR/AR/Interactive LED Display Project Project completion time: 2018 The 3D/VR/AR/interactive LED display project has broken through the bottleneck of 3D, AR, VR and somatosensory interaction on small LED advertising machines. The application of innovation brings people a new experie ...
  • LED P3 Full Color Sky Screen

    LED P3 Full Color Sky Screen

    Project Name: LED P3 full color sky screen Use product: P3 full color LED display Screen area: about 38 square   Compared with the conventional LED display screen, the LED sky screen requires more work in the manufacturing technology and design. We design, construction, installation, commissioning a ...
  • L type display

    L type display

    Project Name: L-shaped display project Use product: L type display Project completion time: 2018 Exclusive design according to the owner’s viewing needs L type display ...
  • P3.9 Six Fold Transparent Screen

    P3.9 Six Fold Transparent Screen

    Project Name:  P3.9 six fold transparent screen Use product:P3.9 transparent LED screen Project completion time: 2019 The LED transparent screen six-fold surface design makes the whole screen more three-dimensional and ensures extremely high light transmittance. LED transparent screen three-dimensio ...
  • LED book screen

    LED book screen

    Project Name: Zhejiang Yuyao Exhibition Hall LED Book Screen Use product: LED creative shaped screen The Hangzhou LED book screen, which is manufactured by DAVA, uses the LED creative shaped screen module. “Creative display, artistic life” is the concept of DAVA in the manufacturing proc ...
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