The indoor P6 display is made up of DAVA Technology HD indoor LED display. Due to its high refresh, high gray scale, high brightn...

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P6 Indoor SMD LED Display

Pixel Pitch:6mm
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The indoor P6 display is made up of DAVA Technology HD indoor LED display. Due to its high refresh, high gray scale, high
brightness utilization, no residual image, low power consumption and low EMI, indoor applications are not Reflective, its light
and ultra-thin, high precision, occupying small space for transportation and use, quiet and efficient heat dissipation

Product Features:

1. Adopt SMD three-in-one technology, which makes the screen have super wide viewing angle and better surface flatness and
2, RGB deep gray processing, rich colors, high quality HD
3, support point-by-point correction function to ensure the consistency of color and brightness during use
4, full waterproof can be bare, greatly reducing the cost of steel structure and edging
5, integrated combing cooling module, fewer connectors, stable and reliable
6, accurate, fast, flexible positioning installation, can effectively deal with different installation environments
7. The inside of the screen body is fixed with reinforcing ribs, which are resistant to tension and shock, self-heating, and have
a life span of ten years.
8, large-scale production, mature technology, high-quality raw materials, stable and reliable quality
9, the connector uses professional-grade aviation plug, quality and security are guaranteed
10, the series is complete, can be tailored to meet the different needs of customers

Pixel Pitch6mm
Pixel CompositionSMD3528
Module Size192*192mm
Module resolution32*32dot
Cabinet Size960*960mm
Cabinet resolution160*160dot
Cabinet weight35kg
Waterproof rating IPIP30
Scanning method16s/8s
Viewing angle120°
Viewing distance>4m
Gray level14bit
Color type16.7M
Maximum power630W/m2
Average power200W/m2
Refresh rate≥960Hz
Bright adjustment0 – 100 Ievels adiustable
Control methodSynchronous display with control PC by DVI
Support signal input typeComposite,S-Vido,VGA,DVI,HDMI,HD_SDI
Input powerAC100/240V    50/60HZ
Operating temperature– 20℃  ~  +50℃
Operating humidity10 ~ 90%RH
life span100,000hours

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