HDE series indoor small-pitch LED display, including HDE 1.667mm, HDE1.875mm, HDE2.0mm, HDE2.5mm four-point spacing LED display. A...

HD small pitch/

HDE Series

Density:<3   dot/m2
Pixel Pitch:1.6~2.5  mm
Brightness:800~1200   CD/m2
Maximum:900  W/m²
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HDE series indoor small-pitch LED display, including HDE 1.667mm, HDE1.875mm, HDE2.0mm, HDE2.5mm four-point spacing LED display. As a high-definition small-pitch LED display, it is widely used in indoor stage LED display, studio LED display and other places.

Product Features:
1. High density, high contrast, high brightness (adjustable), high gray level, high refresh;
2. Die-cast aluminum design, light and ultra-thin, high precision
3. Seamless splicing of any size
4. Wide viewing angle, true and natural color, no seams, no color difference
5. No noise, low power consumption, low EMI, high life
6. Point-by-point brightness and chromaticity correction

UF Series - - 2Low power consumption30% more energy efficient than traditional display products;LED高清电视墙(DV-P2.5)应用案例High contrastContrast up to 5000:1;
UF Series - - 4HDUltra-small pitch, high pixel density, resolution up to 1080P or more;UF Series - - 5High gray levelGrayscale processing depth up to 16bit;
UF Series - - 6High refresh rateThe refresh rate is above 3840Hz;UF Series - - 7Wide viewing angleThe horizontal viewing angle can reach 160°;
UF Series - - 8Seamless stitchingCNC fine scientific digital processing, the error is less than 0.1MM, truly no seams;UF Series - - 9Adjustable brightnessThe brightness adjustment range is wide, reaching 200-1500Lm, meeting various environmental needs.


Product ModelHDE1.6HDE1.8HDE2.0HDE2.5
Pixel Pitch1.667mm1.875mm2.0mm2.5mm
Density360000 dot/m2284444 dot/m2250000 dot/m2160000 dot/m2
Color Composition1R1G1B
LED Encapsulation WaySMD 1010SMD 2121
Resolution144dots(W)*144dots(H)128dots(W)*128 dots(H)120dots(W)*120dots(H)96dots(W)*96 dots(H)
Driving modeConstant current driving
Scanning Mod1/32 Scanning
White Balanced Brightness≥800cd/㎡≥1000cd/㎡≥1200cd/㎡
LED Cabinet
MaterialDie cast aluminum
Maintenance modeFront maintenance
Power Supply5V/40A
Resolution288*288256*256240*240192 * 192
Best Perspective160°(W) 160°(H)
Relative Humidity10%-75%10%-95%
Operating VoltageAC220V±10%
Average Power Consumption<360W/㎡<260W/㎡<220W/㎡<210W/㎡
Maximum Power Consumption<900W/㎡<800W/㎡<640W/㎡<600W/㎡
Refresh Rate>3840HZ>1920HZ>3840HZ>2880HZ
Grayscale/Color65536 level
Display Mode≥1024*768
Operating ambient temperatureStorage:-35℃~+85℃、Working:-20℃~+50℃

Dispatching command center: power dispatching, railway dispatching, water conservancy, etc.

Control Command Center: Public Security Command, Traffic Command, Force Exercise Command, etc.

Monitoring security center: communication service monitoring, airport monitoring, highways, etc.

Conference video center: conference room, conference center, network video conference, etc.

Information Center: Weather information broadcast, medical information release, etc.

Demonstration Center: Exhibition Hall, Education Demonstration Center, etc.

Studio: Cinema, TV studio, etc.



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