About Us

About Us

8 years of history in the LED Display Industry

The founder of Shenzhen DAVA Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the LED display industry for more than 8 years. The company was registered in 2011. Shenzhen DAVA as the most competitive industry leader in China,we always adhere to the concept of innovation and development. The company has became a leading service provider in the industry, including creative design and development, content production, solution production, manufacturing, installation and after-sales service. It has customized high-end creative display products for many clients. The company has formed a “Dream cube” ,tunnel, rotating, inner and outer ring , sky-shape, funnel, inner ball screen, mechanical swing LED display and other products. At present, our solution of LED creative screen has been added to the city exhibition hall, science and technology planning hall, museum, theme park, characteristic town, theme park, dance art, tourism performing arts, shopping mall, business center and so on. The innovative and colorful LED display brings infinite creativity to the prosperous city.


Shenzhen DAVA Technology co,. ltd,an LED creative display system integrated Solution Service Provider.

Now it has became the designated partner of China Winter Games and the 2020 Beijing Winter Olympics.The company has found “dream cube” LED screen, tunnel LED screen,rotating LED screen, inner and outer ring LED screen, sky-shape LED screen, torch LED screen,inner ball LED screen, mechanical swing LED screen, small-pitch creative LED screen, etc.In addition, we have reliable quality assurance and up to 20 domestic and foreign patents have been authorized and are being applied for.

DAVA replies on the vision of “Creative Product, Artistic Life”,with unremitting efforts and continuous innovation, we obtained the leading position in the industry during just eight years and has been highly recognized by the government and LED field,and we gained the honor of “National High-tech Enterprises”,”Creative designated production enterprises of LED display with high quality in China” and “Shenzhen famous brand”.

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