For outsiders, we buy a product, most of which can only be heard, or look at the brand effect. However, when the amount involved i...


For outsiders, we buy a product, most of which can only be heard, or look at the brand effect. However, when the amount involved is large and the budget is not enough, it will be overwhelmed and there is no way to start. Let’s take a look at how to make a decision in the led display industry when we need this product:

  1. Brightness: The screen brightness is designed to be above 2500cd / m2, which not only ensures that the indoor full-color LED display is bright, the image is clear, and the brightness of the LED display can be guaranteed. The lamp attenuation rate exceeds 30%. The brightness and vividness of the video image is sufficient. Refresh rate: Uses five types of twisted pair shielded wires between the processor and the screen. The high-performance control IC can be configured to design a high refresh rate of the screen below 1000 Hz to ensure no water ripples and flicker during video playback. Low total digital loss, anti-electromagnetic interference. Power and Signal Transmission: Due to the importance of full-color LED displays, power and signal transmission must be technically handled using high quality military grade connectors. Further failures caused by various pullup forces are controlled at the connector.

2, control method

I chose a self-designed control system and chose a 240-hour uninterrupted power-on aging screen to select a highly reliable control system. In addition, dual redundant hot backup is used in the control mode. Once there is a problem, immediately connect through another signal line, continue to work normally, and connect smoothly.

3, clarity

Based on the optimal viewing distance point, determine the desired screen area, defined as “40000 pixels / m2”, the optimal distance is 5-50 meters; use the most advanced 16-bit data interface to further improve the image clarity.

  1. Three-stage product aging process

First, the modules produced by the automated assembly line are energized and aged for 24 hours, then each cabinet is energized and aged for 48 hours. Finally, the on-site assembled display is energized and aged for 72 hours. After passing the test, it can be sent to the site for assembly.

5, product quality control

All products are manufactured in strict accordance with ISO9001-2000 quality certification system documents (see quality certification), and tested in strict accordance with the waterproof rating IP65, to achieve complete waterproof effect. Installation and commissioning of the LED display: The LED display is installed and debugged in strict accordance with the design scheme, and the installation level is higher than the C level (the highest level of LED display installation).

6, raw materials

All raw materials for LED displays are brand-name high-quality products, and the most important LED lamps use high-quality LED lamps.

7, perfect system function design (prepared for screen re-application)

The system meets assembly, performance, TV broadcast and ad playback requirements. The LED display system of the project has multimedia, multi-channel, real-time transmission of high-speed communication data and video interfaces, which can easily introduce various forms of information sources into the computer network system to realize unified control of various audios. Video input.

8, leading system software (prepared for screen re-application)

The operating system uses Windows XP and supports Microsoft’s latest Windows products. All applications are Windows based and user friendly. The playback software has a rich clock function that displays the current date, current time, and display clock synchronized with the computer time, either an analog clock or a digital clock. The software uses advanced threading technology to play text, animations, clocks, photos, audio, etc. in multiple threads while playing the software.

9, computer graphics information playback function

Can display a variety of computer information, text, graphics, pictures and two-dimensional, three-dimensional animation, etc.; has a rich playback mode, display scrolling information, notifications, slogans, etc., storage data information capacity. The display body can open multiple windows, display calendars, clocks, and insert a single line of flowing text. There are a variety of Chinese fonts and fonts to choose from, as well as English, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin and Russian. The broadcast system has multimedia software that allows flexible input and broadcast of various information. There are more than 20 kinds of broadcasting methods: left and right scrolling, scrolling up and down, pushing left and right, pushing up and down, tilting, spreading, fanning, rotating, zooming, etc. Connect to the network by displaying network data information. It is equipped with a network interface, can be connected to a computer, share network resources, and has a standard audio signal output interface for audio image synchronization.

10, video playback function

Can display true color dynamic video images; can play high-fidelity CCTV, satellite TV programs; various video signal input and output interfaces: composite video, Y / C video (S_Video), YpbPr, VGA (RGBHV), DVI, HDMI, SDI (HDSDI); can play VCR, DVD player (VCD, DVD, LD) and other video programs with high fidelity; has the function of superimposing text, animation and still images on the video screen; panorama, close-up, slow motion can be edited The device implements real-time editing and playback functions such as effects. Brightness, contrast, saturation, chromaticity can be adjusted by software, the adjustment range is 256 levels; with image freeze function; with video overlay (VGA + video), video (video), VGA three display modes; with horizontal / vertical position Compensation function; synchronized with display.

All of the above are important parameter indicators of the led display. After reading it, you can start from the above and choose your own led display.


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