In a fleeting, busy, strategic adjustment, halfway through 2019; in the past six months, your performance has been fruitful, or un...


In a fleeting, busy, strategic adjustment, halfway through 2019; in the past six months, your performance has been fruitful, or unremarkable, or work out of slow work. Let’s take a look at what results have been achieved by Shenzhen DAVA in the first half of this 2019 period:

1, Shenzhen Bay 360 ° rotating screen – Shenzhen Dayuan Kaichun first completed the project. The Shenzhen Bay 360° rotating screen built by Shenzhen Dayuan adopts a small pitch P1.25, which is powerful and ultra-clear. The curved screen body design focuses on light, the display screen is dynamic and domineering, the appearance is creative and customizable, and the technology is very rich. Multi-screen switching, multinational conferences, Ipad control… easy to operate and manage.

2, outdoor P6 creative display led tree screen – creative design, perfect display. According to the customer’s concept requirements, 100% restore the display. Led tree-shaped screen, which accommodates sound, shadow, light, electricity, is intertwined, and is diversified and stereoscopically displayed by high-tech means.

3, a college in Guangzhou 3D, V / AR + interactive led display – a new attempt in the field of teaching. The illuminating of 3D elements, the realistic picture of V/AR, and the finishing touch of the interaction make the classroom full of technology, and the teaching effect is deeper, simpler and more efficient.

4, Zhengzhou training base tunnel screen + interactive floor tile screen – Shenzhen Dayuan creative display case representative; tunnel screen 720 ° look around effect, interactive floor tile infrared effect click to switch, the two are one, the picture effect is realistic and tremor, experience deep It is full of movement and full of movement.

5, Anqing Jianmeng town transparent creative six fold screen – zero shade hundred creative. The transparent screen itself has no shading effect, plus a six-fold bump design, the display is displayed out of thin air, and the eyeball index is 100%.

6, Anqing outdoor mechanical rotating screen – outdoor display new climax. Outdoor led display as the overlord of outdoor display, the conventional display has no new ideas, and the creative turns the eyeball. The outdoor mechanical rotating screen created by Shenzhen Dayuan, 360° rotation, the screen supports split combination, split display of various information, combined display of important information, not only creative, but also versatile and efficient.

In addition to the above items, Macao indoor small spacing, Vietnam outdoor full-color P10 big screen and small and exquisite fan screen… are all good results of Shenzhen Dayuan in the past six months.

Since its establishment, Shenzhen Dayuan has been adhering to the original intention to show its creativity. After more than 8 years of creative display, no matter whether it is the next half or later, Shenzhen Dayuan will “don’t forget the original heart and strive for creativity”. Do your best on the display.


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