The LED display design is tailored to customer requirements and can be controlled freely according to display size and price. The ...


The LED display design is tailored to customer requirements and can be controlled freely according to display size and price. The design display is more in line with the actual needs of the customer. Currently, the display has been widely used in various industries. Promote the diversity of display design.

Led display design is a new type of information display media. It is a flat panel display consisting of a light-emitting diode dot matrix module or a pixel unit. It has the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, long service life, strong environmental adaptability, high cost performance, flexible structure and rich colors. It has grown rapidly over the past decade. The mainstream products of flat panel displays have been widely used in the field of information display. The application of LED displays involves many areas of the social economy, including the display of passenger guidance information at airports, flights, ports, stations and other places. The passenger hub automation system includes information system, broadcasting system, ticket information system and train communication display system with LED display as the main body. Securities trading, financial information display. In the securities market screen, bank exchange rate screen, interest rate screen and other applications, LED display is the main demand of various industries. Commercial promotions and information presentations in service areas such as postal, telecommunications and shopping centers. Road traffic information display. With the rise of intelligent transportation systems, LED displays, variable smart boards and speed limit signs have been greatly developed in urban transportation and highways, helping to reduce traffic accidents and maintain good traffic management.

The led display design scheme can be roughly divided into the following types: The first scheme is called the dot matrix module scheme, and is the earliest design scheme developed from the indoor pseudo color dot matrix screen. The main advantage is the low cost of raw materials and simple production, which is considered to be the best choice considering the profit of the company. However, such LED displays also have disadvantages such as poor color consistency, insufficient color saturation, poor visual effects, and severe mosaic effects, which are truly inexpensive products. The second is to use a patch tube as a repair solution for the display element. Color consistency and blending (including viewing angles) work well. However, as the saying goes, “No one is perfect.” LED large screen design and manufacturing costs are high, and the processing technology is high, so it is necessary to promote it among manufacturers. This is not cost effective for a family. The third is a subsurface pasting solution featuring high brightness, long-term outdoor use, long-term sustainability, long life, nearly 100,000 hours; the screen can be customized and can be considered according to your own budget and actual situation.

At present, the domestic LED display design is mostly single screen, the display content is relatively small, and the display mode is single. Usually, when the product leaves the factory, the display content has been written to the EPROM chip of the display control system. It is difficult to replace the display content, which limits the use of such a display. China also has an LED display and a programmable LED display. Although the programming ability of the display system is improved, the display content and the display mode are also increased, but there is also the disadvantage that it is inconvenient to replace the display content. With the rapid development of social economy, billboards have the characteristics of rich display content, large amount of information and fast information update. Therefore, the traditional LED display control system has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of modern society. The use of PC communication technology to control LED displays has the advantages of rich display content and more flexible information replacement.


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