Today is the beginning of autumn. Liqiu is like an air conditioner that has just been opened, and it is still waiting for the cool...


Today is the beginning of autumn. Liqiu is like an air conditioner that has just been opened, and it is still waiting for the cool autumn days.

This summer’s temperature has reached a new high in more than 2,000 years. The temperature in many places is as high as 40 degrees Celsius. Japan has also killed 57 people this summer and more than 1,800 people have been sent to hospital.

High temperatures not only cause burning on the face, but also cause large-scale growth of bacteria. Many things are the same, and the occurrence of one thing always carries a variety of problems. High temperature damage to the led display is also the same, directly facing the led display damage, spontaneous combustion, fire, on the other hand can cause damage to the wire and screen when there is no direct damage. So how do we standardize the problems that can be avoided?


1, do a good product high temperature test, choose a good led display manufacturers:

For electronic products, high-temperature testing is an unavoidable link, but there are always some bad businesses who want to find more of their own, regardless of the safety of others. The Led display is an engineering project. It is not a simple trading relationship. From negotiation to implementation, the amount involved in the project is not small and will not be discussed. The human and material resources involved, the personal safety and difficulty of the installation process are all Incalculable, if you spend so much engineering to build a led display with poor product quality, the loss can be imagined.

Therefore, we must be cautious when choosing a LED display manufacturer. We must do a lot of inquiries for comparison. The most important thing about a manufacturer is to look at his case and qualifications.

2, look at the quality of the material:

For laymen, how to judge the quality of a product is the most direct understanding of the relevant standards of the product industry, when necessary, according to these standards to measure the quality of product materials; for LED display manufacturers, wire It is the most basic through the industry standards, modules to take protective measures, and thoughtful consideration of the program.

  1. Does the operation of the program make necessary adjustments according to environmental differences?

The design of Led display scheme is one of the key to the implementation of the project. The solution involves the installation, heat dissipation and maintenance of the screen. The interlocking between the screens and the interlocking. If there is no comprehensive consideration in the design stage of the project, the more trivial problems will be caused in the later stage. .

In summary, from the root cause to avoid the breeding of problems, the main point is to understand the industry standards of the relevant industries, choose a good manufacturer.



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