Everything can be customized, and the LED display is no exception. Conventional led displays abound, and special led displays have...


Everything can be customized, and the LED display is no exception.

Conventional led displays abound, and special led displays have sprung up. Yes, the creative led display is now widely favored by merchants, and the use of creative led displays is widely used in advertising displays, art galleries, and immersion experiences.

The outdoor advertising display is unremarkable, and the advertising machine at the storefront has no new ideas. How to stand out from the crowd and stand out from the crowd. In addition to the novelty of the advertising content, the design of the carrier is not sloppy. Innovation directly promotes the development of the economy. This is an undeniable fact. The advertising carrier is customized and uses strange shapes to attract the attention of pedestrians. According to the data, weird objects will cause 90% of pedestrians to pay attention during walking. 60% of people will watch 2-3s. Of course, this data is my own, but the vast majority of people are new products. Still will maintain a certain interest. Therefore, the custom led display will be much better than the conventional led display advertising.

Secondly, in large shopping malls, we will inevitably see some more fun things, such as the large chandeliers in the mall center, large billboards, and large-scale luminous objects _led creative spherical screens… In fact, on many occasions, the use of led creative products is still Very wide, like the exhibition halls, art galleries, etc. we go to, these occasions are very common, perhaps you see the time tunnel, multi-screen display, immersive experience hall is the creative use of led display.

Last warm reminder: If you want a display as the carrier of outdoor advertising, please choose the creative product first. The creative product is the same as the regular screen. The process of pre-installation, medium-term use and post-maintenance is similar, maybe some customers There will be doubts, after the custom led display, post-maintenance will not be too much trouble, in fact, this is an extra concern, because in general, the led display is divided into front maintenance and post-maintenance, how can it be because of the screen The difficulty of modeling makes it difficult to remove a module and a box. And creative products will be more noticeable, and the added value is higher. Why not choose a better led display in this atmosphere of market price war?


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